Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Senior Design and Artwork

The addition of the Universal Laser Cutter in the Centre for Innovation has provided our senior students with a chance to work with a greater range of materials as they begin to finalise their portfolios.  Students studying in the design and DVC, visual art and digital technology areas have been regularly accessing this machine to enhance their prototype and modelling skills.

Not only are these senior students utilising and developing their skills in laser cutting but the 3D printers have also been busy supporting some IB Artwork.  

“These different models of heads represent the different reactions people have towards stress and control over one’s emotions” Nicolette Oosterhuis.  Her inspiration has come from the artist Nick Van Woert.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Techsperts Term 4

We are offering Techsperts for Term 4.  This programme is offered again for the first 6 weeks of Term 4.  We invite parents to consider signing up their children to this programme.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Robocup Success

Congratulations to our teams who have competed in Robocup at Regional and National levels this year.
Holly, Hattie, Caitlyn, Mia

The STEMinist team which consisted of Holly Macdonald, Hattie Compton-Moen, and Mia Wright performed strongly in both competitions.  Their skills in working as a team have been strong all year and they achieved highly for their interview as well as in their performance.

The setting for their performance was a game show where 'male' is pitched against 'female'.  Each competitor is challenged to complete a series of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) activities and male struggles to complete these. When female attempts the challenges she performs strongly, but there is a point where 'male' and 'female' realise that together they can achieve better results as a team.

Congratulations STEMinist for achieving:
1st in Senior Theatre at the Regional Competition
2nd in Senior Theatre at Nationals in Dunedin

Caitlyn Wickham competed under the team name of "Element" in the Senior Search and Rescue section.  This year, Caitlyn stepped up from the juniors into the seniors and the challenges became more difficult.  She had to prepare her robot to manoeuver over judder bars, a ramp and around an obstacle for five different courses.

Congratulations Element for achieving:
1st in Senior Search and Rescue at the Regional Competition
2nd in Senior Search and Rescue at Nationals in Dunedin

A junior team of Mia Fraser, Gemma Armstrong-Scott and Tessa Sitjes called themselves "Siriusly Potter" also competed in the Junior Theatre section at Regionals. Competitors act, dance and perform alongside their robots to tell a story along with their compiled musical track. Their performance was based around the story of Harry Potter involving a battle between Harry and Voldermort. This was an amazing experience for the girls, and already they are gearing up for next years competition.
Gemma, Tessa, Mia performing at the Regional competition.

Achievements in Technology

Congratulations to two amazing year 11 students who have been working hard in the Year 11 Digital Technology course under the guidance of Mrs Keys.  This was the first time St Margaret's College has entered the Technology section of the NIWA Canterbury / Westland Schools' Science And Technology Fair. 

Congratulations to:
Emma Taylo
  • University of Canterbury - Research and Innovation Award for the project with the most commercial potential
  • Award for Excellence by a Female Maori or Pacifica student
Emma's project has focused on the creation of ambidextrous scissors.  Many left-handed people have difficulty cutting precisely as the cutting edge of the scissors is on the back side of the scissors and hidden as they cut.  Emma has produced a pair of scissors where the blades can be switched to accommodate either right or left-handed users.  This project was deemed most likely to be commercially successful.

Holly Macdonald 
  • Best Project - Senior Girls
  • 1st place for Year 11-13 Technology
  • University of Otago Best Application of Scientific Method - with an all expenses paid trip for a week to Otago Uni working with the students and professors down there.
Holly has developed a clever QR code that competitors wear.  The information held within the QR code may have many levels but the initial information would identify the person and emergency contact information.   If the athlete was involved in an accident during the event, then other data such as medical information may also be accessed through the QR code.  This product has many applications such as use by patients who currently wear medic-alert bracelets, Alzheimers patients, toddlers who are prone to wander, animal identification etc., 

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

So much has been happening this term.

From the Centre for Innovation

The Centre for Innovation is extremely pleased to welcome Audrey Campbell to the team.  She has brought fresh ideas and is excited to be working with the students at St Margaret’s College.   
Linda Chong and Audrey are planning to introduce new tech skills in learning programmes at all levels.  They are working alongside teachers to co-construct activities in the process of integrating technology into the curriculum.  This dynamic duo, are available to support learning for the girls and staff with digital tools that can enhance understanding and learning.
The year 4 class has been working to create an animated story related to the Junior School REDS values.

This term a trial group has been in operation after school on Wednesday afternoons.  The Techsperts team have been working with a small group of 7 - 10 year old children.  This module has been an introduction to a range of tech activities that has included robots in the form of Beebots and Spheros; 3D printing; squishy circuits and papertronics.  Children have had a chance to engage and be challenged to make, create and do.  St Margaret’s College hope to continue this programme next term.  
Squishy Circuits
Drawings transformed into 3D printed objects   

In Art, the year 6 students have been working on the iPads with the stop motion app to create their own Len Lye masterpieces showcasing shade, light, colour, pattern and texture.  Their teacher Ms Burkhul has been instrumental in blending both technology and art to produce some amazing animated visual pieces and they are working to have these on display by the end of the term.
Year 6 students layering their art work
Positioning and using the Stop Motion app to capture their images

The students from Chile have also been able to “think, tinker and create” in the Centre for Innovation.  The girls have been introduced to computer aided design software to create their own personalised key ring that we have 3D printed for them to take home from their visit with us.

Charlotte has been working on a robotic arm all term in the Robotics Club

We wish the Robocup Teams well as they prepare for the National Competition in Dunedin on 16 September.  Caitlyn Wickham will be representing St Margaret’s College in the Senior Rescue competition and Holly Macdonald, Hattie Compton-Moen and Mia Wright compete in the Senior Theatre section.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017


Join us in an afterschool course for year 3 & 4 children.  Places limited, enrol NOW!

Tech Hub Careers Expo

An amazing opportunity to see and hear what future career choices are available.